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Currently, in California, the term “cyber-bullying” does not exist as a law. 网络欺凌的定义因来源不同而不同,也因国家不同而不同. 尽管加州在过去三年中通过了几项新的国会法案, these bills merely extend the definition of bullying to cover electronic acts. 加州议会法案1156(2011)修订了欺凌的定义,规定“欺凌是指任何严重的或普遍的身体或语言行为或行为。, including communications made in writing or by means of an electronic act.“网络欺凌只是一个用来识别非传统欺凌的术语, electronic means. Because there is no law that deals directly with cyber-bullying, law officials are forced to adapt our current laws, which are often times outdated and unable to keep up with technology.

当我们的法律系统被迫使用从未打算打击网络欺凌的法律时, often times we find severe inconsistencies on how those laws are enforced. Without clearly defined guidelines, 对法律的解释以及法律如何适用于具体事件则由司法自行决定. Though this is typically the case with the application of other laws, 应该考虑到当今这一代人与法律和决策者的一代人之间的脱节.

Today’s technology has advanced at such a rapid pace that it has, in a sense, created a new type of human behavior. 这种行为使今天的孩子习惯于将科技融入他们生活的方方面面,从而使他们依赖科技. 这种对科技的吸收对孩子的生活有如此深远的影响,以至于有些孩子离开科技就无法正常生活. 有没有可能现在的成年人与年轻一代的联系太过疏远,以至于他们没有意识到技术对他们有多重要,以及网络欺凌所造成的伤害?

为本课程进行的培训需求评估表明,大多数执法人员认为网络欺凌犯罪调查不足. In addition, 它显示出执法部门是如何低估网络欺凌的. 尽管这份评估报告中的大多数警官从未完成过网络欺凌调查, 研究表明,这些人中的大多数拥有必要的基本计算机技能,利用互联网作为调查工具,并进行技术调查,如网络欺凌. However, 这些警官认为他们缺乏进行这类调查的培训和或能力.

In addition to investigative training, 执法人员需要了解网络欺凌对幼儿及其家庭的影响. 这些家庭可能在刑事司法系统中变得如此沮丧,以至于他们对执法失去信心,往往会采取激烈的行动,试图阻止欺凌. 规避法律和法律程序可能很快变得难以承受,使受害者及其家人不愿寻求帮助.

Law enforcement must become the information center of cyber-bullying. 因为在我们的法律体系中没有容易破译的途径来阻止欺凌行为, 警官必须有足够的知识来为沮丧的父母提供建议和指导.

Because of the Supreme Court’s denial to review cases related to cyber-bullying, First Amendment rights are unclear when it comes to social media related acts. 当学校官员和执法机构不确定他们被允许采取什么行动时,他们期望如何执行政策和法律? As with any new social issue, education and information is the key. Brining awareness to what cyber-bullying is, 它是如何实施的,它的影响是我们的孩子能成为我们最大的财富吗.

At the completion of this course, 学生将更好地准备应对社区中的网络欺凌事件. 他们将获得所需的信息,自信地解决教师给他们带来的问题, parents and their children. They will have the skills necessary to bring awareness to cyber-bullying, educate their community and perform investigations. 网络欺凌会对孩子的一生产生深远的影响,这要求执法部门必须尽一切合理的努力来教育我们自己,并为处理这类调查做好更好的准备.

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Executive Summary

这24小时的课程将为警官和侦探提供进行全面的网络欺凌调查所必需的知识和技能, utilize the Internet as an investigative tool and to correctly identify, preserve and retrieve electronic evidence. In addition, this course will help students increase employee efficiency, officer safety, and agency community relations as it pertains to the Internet.

Throughout this course, students will be taught how to conduct Internet based searches, 如何调查IP地址和电子邮件标题,以及调查涉及流动装置. Students will also learn about the scope of cyber-bullying, methods of commission, applicable laws, effects of bullying, 父母预防和缓解技术以及如何进行网络欺凌调查.

学生将发展更有效地利用互联网进行调查的能力. Working on reality-based scenarios, 学生将增强传统的调查技术与互联网的力量,以最大限度地提高调查效率, thoroughness, and officer safety.

Finally, 学生将收集适当的电子证据,以确保成功检控.

Course Information

Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
Cost/Tuition: $750
Max Class Size: 30 Students
Prerequisites: None
Recommended For: Line level personnel, Supervisors, Investigators, School Resource Officerrs
Lodging: Government rate at Ayres Fountain Valley 17550 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 861-5170 (Mention “LA County Regional Training”)

About the Course Designer

克里斯·鲍斯(Chris Bouse)是加州为数不多的有法庭资格的社交媒体专家之一, and has testified as a foundation witness in several trials. In addition to his duties at the LAPD, Chris成为了认证的加州和平官标准和培训(POST)大师讲师,以及罗伯特·普雷斯利刑事调查研究所(ICI)的认证讲师。. Chris has created numerous Social Media Investigations courses, which he has taught in multiple states for various law enforcement agencies.

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